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BIO - A bit about myself

My name is Eva Cool

I’m a speaker, blogger, certified life coach, entrepreneur and super passionate healing advocate.

I’m a mom to the most amazing, chill 8-year-old I’ve ever known. I’m riding this wave hoping it will last into her teens.

Since I was little, I remember telling my mom that I knew I was on this earth to help people finding themselves going through challenges. This nudge has never left me, only grown over the years.

Sincere impact and empathy often comes from those that have lived through it……. This is where I find myself today.

I have lost a total of 7 family members in 2 different car accidents, walked through a brain cancer diagnosis with my former husband, and endured the reality of a divorce all in a span of 10 years.  

In hind sight I now see it as preparation for today.

I couldn’t choose what I was feeling, but I could choose what I was going to do with what I was feeling. I could let the pain consume me or shape me. I chose the latter.

I live very aware of the fragility of life. With that, I’m passionate about making the most of each day. Living fully present always on a journey of healing and growth.

I want this for you and me. Regardless of what your story is. It is possible.

See you soon!
Eva :)

“I Help Individuals and Teams Create a Masterpiece Within, Regardless of Your Past, Present or Future.”

She was by far the most powerful speaker at our leadership summit. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room
— Travis M - Calgary, AB