Physical Response to Pain and Trauma

I find myself dreaming big these days. Emotionally and mentally I feel so ready to live a lighter decade of joy, peace and laughter.

My body on the other hand, still keeps tapping out on me.

It seems I am now, physicallystarting to feel through the last 12 years of pain, loss and trauma.

It starts with feeling nauseous, then a super heavy heart, which usually leads to a full on battle with crazy anxiety. So exhausting!

The bizarre thing is, this can come on a really good day. I’ll be going about my day feeling hopeful and ready to tackle life, when all of a sudden it starts creeping in out of no where.

When I start feeling it, it takes everything in me to not just drown it out and fill my time and my space with anything and everything to deny its existence. Doing this never leads to a positive end result.

In the moment, it seems easier for us to neglect our body and what it’s trying to tell us, than for us to stop long enough to let it catch up and heal.

I am beginning to understand the statistics of how stress and trauma affects our physical well being.

The after affects of living through pain are so complex, most of us don’t really have it in us to fully grasp the extent of how detrimental it can be in our ability to live a fully functional life after.

It is crucial to stop and create space where we can allow healing to happen in every aspect. I have spent hours of emotional, spiritual and mental healing but haven’t really found a way to create enough space and time for physically healing.

It takes time, which most of us don’t have, to allow ourselves the freedom and the space to dig deep and get to the bottom of those physical feelings.

In a sense, we need to digest or bring back up whatever it is that is making us feel physically ill.

We would like to think that emotional and mental healing would automatically lead to physically healing. In my experience, the body has a mind of its own. It cannot be pushed to heal.

It will heal when it wants. How it wants.

It feels rather inconvenient at the time but the truth is, if we deny or neglect our body the time and space it needs to heal, we will suffer for years to come.

Let's listen to our bodies today so we have all of it to carry us through tomorrow!


Until next time,

Eva Cool