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How to withstand the Unexpected

Proactive Masterpiece Preparation

For most of us, our present reality is not what we had expected. Likely meaning our future won’t be what we expect it to be either. How do we live knowing that?

The Proactive - Masterpiece Preparation is a Keynote unlike anything you’ve heard before. Eva shares concepts on how to not only survive the unexpected in life, but to thrive in it. Coming from her perspective of a life consumed with loss and trauma, yet now living a life of purpose and passion.

Your audience will leave:

  • Empowered to live their full potential regardless of what they are facing or will face.

  • Equipped to live in gratitude versus fear.

  • Challenged to never stop creating the masterpiece within themselves.

Turn Your Pain Into Potential

Retroactive Masterpiece Application

All of us have a story, likely one we wouldn’t have expected for ourselves, but it is our reality. So what do we do with it? Although we often don’t have a choice in what happens to us, we do have a choice in what we do with what happens to us. So much of our present hesitation and pain can be traced to a past situation, left uncovered. Never fully walked through.

The Retroactive - Masterpiece Application Keynote takes individuals and teams back to where it all began. The situation or circumstance that could have empowered but instead, shattered. We go through the process of taking our past pain and turning it into a powerful masterpiece!

Your audience will leave:

  • Aware of their potential regardless of their past.

  • Motivated to process and apply value from past circumstances.

  • Challenged and empowered to live fully present in gratitude.

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Workshop - Masterpiece in the Making

In the Masterpiece in the Making workshop I help teams and individuals work through the process of what it looks like to create a masterpiece, utilizing past hurt, enhancing awareness and living fully present in gratitude and fierce potential.

This workshop will equip individuals and teams with powerful tools to succeed and live out their full potential for years to come!

We work through the following steps in detail to create a plan of impact.

  1. Awareness.

  2. Process.

  3. Application.

After hearing Eva speak, I was able to start my healing process and look ahead with hope. I am forever grateful
— Michelle E - Lethbridge, AB